Law Office of Erin Steffin

Thank you for contacting the Law Office of Erin Steffin. We have closed our office and we are not accepting any new private matters.

If you are a former client requesting a duplicate copy of executed documents, please email the attorney directly.

If you are inquiring about assistance in a new case/claim, or an amendment or change to any existing documents, regretfully we are not able to assist you. Please do not contact the attorney to evaluate a new matter or to schedule an appointment, as we are not taking on new matters, nor are we scheduling appointments.

We recommend you contact your local state or county bar association for an appropriate referral to an attorney who can assist you.

If you were referred to our office through a legal plan, we recommend you contact that legal plan for an alternate referral.

Please remember that any estate plan should be regularly reviewed to ensure that it meets your needs and expectations. As life situations and laws change over time, it is important to have an experienced attorney of your choosing periodically review your documents to evaluate whether changes to your plan are necessary and appropriate.